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Sick of having rough, callused feet that youd never dare to show off in sandals or by walking around barefoot? Having hard, rugged-looking feet can be very embarrassing, especially for women. It makes many people self-conscious about their feet.

Calluses arent the most pleasant thing to look at and they often lead to ridicule. These days, everyone wants to have soft, smooth feet that are beautiful and lovely-feeling.

In order to get supple feet, most people resort to using files and grinders that scrape off calloused skin. This is usually uncomfortable, slow, and a pain to do

Amope Pedi Perfect ReviewThankfully, there are advanced tools that can complete this job faster and more effectively than ever. Products such as the Amope Pedi Perfect Electronic Pedicure Foot File are prime examples. Today, were going to provide a full review of this nifty little gadget.

Amope Pedi Perfect Review

For those that dont already know, Amope is a company that focuses entirely on the creation of premium foot care products. Their most popular product is the Pedi Perfect, an electronic foot filer designed to get rid of hardened or callused skin on the feet.

The Pedi Perfect uses a unique, diamond-crystal based roller head to gently, yet effectively, remove hard skin. After a quick filing session your feet will feel softer and silky smooth. The roller head actually comes in three different intensities, too, for varying degrees of calluses.

The gadget features an easy-to-replace roller, quiet operation, built-in safety precautions to prevent injuries, and an ergonomic handle for comfortable use. When combined with proper moisturizers and foot creams, this product works very well for making your feet soft and smooth.

The Diamond Advantage

As mentioned above, this electric Amope foot file features a roller made with diamond crystals. This may sound harsh, but dont let it scare you! It actually feels really nice on your feet. In fact, it almost feels like youre getting a good foot massage while simultaneously making them super soft.

3 Different Roller Heads

The head comes in three different formscoarse, extra coarse, and soft touchfor dealing with different levels of hardened skin. You can also select one depending on your personal preferences. The coarse roller is the most commonly used for removing mild to moderate calluses.

Pedi Perfect Heads

The extra coarse head, as the name implies, is meant to be used for extremely hard skin. Its a bit more rough, but it does an excellent job of powering through old calluses. Finally, the soft touch head is mostly meant for quick touch-ups to make your feet feel soft and silky smooth.

Easy to Swap Heads

Want to change out the head of your Pedi Perfect to try another roller? No problem. This gadget is designed in a way that you simply need to press a button to release the head from the unit. Press the button, pull off the head, put in a new one, and youre ready to go again. Its that easy.


The Amope Pedi Perfect is designed to ensure that your feet are never harmed from use of the device. It has built-in safety features to prevent this from happening. If the gadget detects that too much pressure is being applied, it will automatically shut off the roller.

This feature was created to make sure you never grind your feet too hard as this can cause bruising or even burns. The gadget will never allow this, though, because it does cut off immediately if the pressure level is too high.

Comfy to Hold

Some people often have to spend a good bit of time filing their feet to get them super smooth. With other devices and manual filers, this can lead to cramping and pain in the hands. Thats not the case with this gadget, though.

Pedi Perfect Handle

The Pedi Perfect has an easy-to-hold, ergonomic handle. This handle is comfortable to grip onto and helps relieve pressure on the hands while the filer is in use. This means youll never have to worry about your hands tiring out while youre getting rid of the hardened skin on your feet.

Customer Reviews

Not sure that this is the best tool to use on your feet? Well, think again. The Amope Pedi Perfect is the most popular and best-selling foot filer on the market for a reason. It works! Dont just take our word for it, though, many real consumers like yourself have great things to say about it, too.

Over on, for example, there are nearly 5,000 reviews for this gadget posted by real people that have purchased and used the product. From those 5000+ reviews this tool has received an average rating of a 4.3 out of 5 stars.

I am now running for an extra 10 minutes every day. Well, with those extra miles, my feet are getting beat up pretty bad. I dont have the time to go get a pedi every week so I got the Amope to work on the calluses at home. It has dramatically reduced the size and roughness of my feet. I recommend it if you are busy but want smooth feet. Also, get the replacement rollers with this to save yourself the hassle of ordering them late. Youll need them either way.

Michael Lively

Amazon Review

Miracle Worker

I usually get pedis every 2 weeks but have fallen on hard times. Clearly I dont know how to take care of my own feet because they end up looking like this lol. Anywho, this Amope worked wonders. I probably should have gotten the coarse head because it took me like 15-20 mins to get both feet looking like this.


Amazon Review


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